Pricing and Admission

Pricing and Admission

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  • Crazy Horse Memorial is not a federal or state supported project. Thank you in advance for your admission and for being a partner in our progress.  Parking is FREE, admission fees support advancements in Mountain Carving, the Museums, and the developing INDIAN UNIVERSITY OF NORTH AMERICA®.  Crazy Horse Memorial offers visitors a rich learning experience about the culture, traditions and living heritage of North American Indians, the pioneering spirit of sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski and his devoted family, and the art and science of mountain carving.  In 1939, Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear (1874-1953) and many of his fellow Native leaders invited Korczak Ziolkowski (1908-1982) to carve a memorial of Oglala Lakota Crazy Horse (1840-1877) honoring all Native Americans.  Today, Crazy Horse Memorial  is among America’s most distinctive sites and is a modern wonder of the world, in-the-making.    

    Crazy Horse Memorial offer visitors inspiration to “never forget your dreams”, lessons in historical and contemporary Native culture, and unparalleled scenic beauty.  Admission includes: the INDIAN MUSEUM of NORTH AMERICA®, the Mountain Carving Room,  the NATIVE AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL CENTER®, Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski’s Studio-Home and Workshops, Sculptures, Artwork, Antiques, and the Laser Light Show at dark (in season).  Visitors witness the colossal carving in progress from the Viewing Deck juxtaposed with Ziolkowski’s model.  From Memorial Day through September, visitors interact with Native artists, lecturers, and performers representing numerous indigenous Nations.

    Additional Optional Tours include rustic bus ride to the bottom of the Mountain for a close-up view (weather permitting) for $4.00 per person or a memorable trip to the top by becoming a Crazy Horse Story Teller through a gift to Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation (minimum gift of $125.00 per person, children 12 and under are free with paying adult).

    • Volksmarch


      33rd Annual Spring Volksmarch - June 2-3, 2018 The bi-annual Crazy Horse Volksmarch (an organized hike) is a 10K or 6.2-mile woodlands ramble to the world’s largest mountain carving in progress in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota. 6th Annual Fall Volksmarch - September 30, 2018This Read More
    • Night Blasts

      Night Blasts

      Among the most popular events at Crazy Horse Memorial are the two night blasts traditionally held each year. The spectacular ceremonial blasts light up the mountain with incredible fireballs and specially designed pyrotechnical features. June 26, 2018 - Ruth's Night Blast The first night blast of Read More
    • Native Americans’ Day

      Native Americans’ Day

      October 8, 2018 South Dakota was the first state to officially celebrate Native Americans’ Day each year on the second Monday in October. Elsewhere, the day is observed as Columbus Day. The South Dakota Legislature established the Native Americans’ Day holiday at the urging of Read More
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    Optional Tours

    Rustic Bus Rides to Bottom of the Mountain for a close up view (weather permitting).

        25 Minute Round Trip
        $4.00 per person
        Age 6 and under are free

    Memorable Trips to the Top Meeting Crazy Horse Face-to-Face

    Become a Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation Storyteller and receive a trip to the top of the Mountain (minimum gift of $125 per person, gift receipted at $105 per person). We are pleased that significant progress is being made on the Mountain Carving, the Mountain Crew is actively working on the intricate details of carving Crazy Horse’s Hand and the Horse’s Mane.

    To accommodate Mountain Crew work and to adequately prepare for your safe trip to the top of the Mountain, please note that Van Rides during the 2018 travel season (May 17, 2018-October 9, 2018) are available Monday through Friday in the late afternoon and all day on Saturdays and Sundays. Please call the Memorial at 605-673-4681 to schedule your Van Rides in advance, of course, weather permitting.

    For specific times for trips to the top, click here.

    Special Events With Waived Admission To Memorial after 7:00 pm- Food Donation Appreciated:

    • June 26 - Ruth's Night Blast
    Special Events With Waived Admission To Memorial after 5:00 pm- Food Donation Appreciated:
    • September 6 - Korczak & Crazy Horse's Night Blast
    **Special tickets will be provided to individuals invited to the Private Receptions associated with the events.

    Special Dining Events:

    1. Mother's Day Brunch
    2. February 14 - Valentine’s Day Dinner
    3. Easter Brunch
    4. Thanksgiving Day

    Admission Discount Days

    Admission to the Memorial waived with a donation of 3 cans of food per person for the KOTA Care & Share Food Drive for the following dates. Regular admission rate applies to visitors without food.

    • November 11, 2018 – Veteran’s Day (Waived admission for Veterans, non-veterans regular admission rates apply)
    • Every weekend in December 2018 (Friday – Sunday) through Sunday, January 7, 2018    (free coffee)]
    • May 18, 19, 20, 2018  – State Park Open House
    • May 25 through May 28, 2018 - Memorial Day Weekend
    • August 31 through September 3, 2018 - Labor Day Weekend
    • October 8, 2018 - Native Americans’ Day

    Special Events with reduced or waived admission to Memorial

    • Friday, November 11, 2018 – Veteran’s Day
      Free admission for Veterans.
    • June 2 & 3, 2018- Spring Volksmarch.
      Volksmarchers enjoy waived admission to the Memorial. Donation of 3 cans of food per person for the KOTA Care & Share Food Drive is appreciated. There is a $3 participation charge by the Volkssport Association at the start lines.
    • June 26, 2018- Ruth's Night Blast
      Night Blast Celebrating Ruth Ziolkowski’ s Life & Commemorating the Anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
      Waived Admission to Memorial for general public (beginning at 7:00 pm) – Food donation to regional food drives appreciated
    • September 6, 2018- Dual Anniversary Night Blast
      Observance of dual anniversaries; 1877 Death of Lakota leader Crazy Horse and the Commemoration of the Birth Date of Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, born in 1908. Second night blast of the year.
      Waived Admission to Memorial for general public (beginning at 5:00 pm) – Food donation to regional food drive appreciated.
    • September 30, 2018 - Autumn Volksmarch 
      Volksmarchers enjoy waived admission to the Memorial. A donation of 3 cans of food per person for the KOTA Care & Share Food Drive is appreciated. There is a $3 participation charge by the Volkssport Association at the start lines.
    • Saturday, November 11, 2018 – Veteran’s Day
      Free admission for Veterans.
    • “No one is ever wrong who desires to do that which is not required of them to do — and that which is of a noble purpose. The purpose of Crazy Horse is noble.”
      Korczak Ziolkowski / Sculptor
    • “My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know that the red man has great heroes also.”
      Chief Henry Standing Bear
    • “When the legends die, the dreams end. When the dreams end, there is no more greatness.”
      Korczak Ziolkowski / Sculptor
    • “The Important thing is that we never stop. That’s the main thing. And if you looked at it as strictly a view of being finished, you could get awfully distracted waiting for that day to come. This way, you’re pleased with every little step of progress that you make.”
      Ruth Ziolkowski / Sculptor's Wife
    • “One does not sell the earth upon which the people walk.”
      Crazy Horse
    • “By carving Crazy Horse, if I can give back to the Indian some of his pride and create a means to keep alive his culture and heritage, my life will have been worthwile.”
      Korczak Ziolkowski / Sculptor
    • “He left everything so we can carry on his work, and that’s just what we’re going to do. We’re dedicated to that. His whole life would be wasted if the mountain carving and the humanitarian goals are not completed.”
      Ruth Ziolkowski / Sculptor's Wife
    • “My lands are where my dead lie buried.”
      Crazy Horse
    • “If it weren’t for each and every one you, whether your gift was small or large monetarily, whether it was friendship and encouragement, without you we wouldn’t be here…”
      Ruth Ziolkowski / Sculptor's Wife
    • “Standing Bear explained that the Indian has a concept of honoring their great heroes that’s totally different from the white man’s. It was difficult for me to understand at first…The Indian uses the direct approach. He says: that man was my ancestor, and he was a great man, so we should honor him-I would not lie or cheat because I am his blood”
      Korczak Ziolkowski / Sculptor

    Crazy Horse Memorial
    12151 Avenue of the Chiefs
    Crazy Horse, SD 57730-8900

    (605) 673-4681


    Upcoming Events

    • Memorial Weekend
      May 25-28

      Memorial Weekend <br />May 26-29,<br /> 2017
      Native American’s across this great nation have served and sacrificed in the United States Military, join us to honor all fallen heroes who fought and protected our freedom. American Indian artists will be featured throughout the Welcome Center. Admission to the Memorial will be waived with 3 cans of food per person.
    • Legends in Light
      May 25-Sep 30

      Legends in Light<br /> May 26-Oct 1<br />
      This spectacular light show tells the story of the Memorial in laser lights projected onto the Mountain. You will be treated to the story of Chief Henry Standing Bear’s invitation to Korczak, Ruth’s contributions and special features of many Native American heroes. This must see show is featured nightly at dark, for sun down times click here:
    • Native Americans’Day
      Oct 8

      Native Americans’ Day  Oct 10, 2016
      Governor George S. Mickelson and the SD legislature declared 1990 as the “Year of Reconciliation”, the day formerly known as Columbus Day became Native American Day. Native American Day at Crazy Horse Memorial is celebrated by planned activities for kids, program and performers, Educator of the Year is awarded and (weather permitting) a mountain blast. Admission is waved to the Memorial with 3 cans of food per person.