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Wizipan Fall Leadership and Sustainability Program

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2024 Fall Program Information

Wizipan Fall Leadership and Sustainability Program: September 1 - December 13, 2024


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About the Wizipan Fall Leadership and Sustainability Program

The Wizipan Fall Leadership and Sustainability Program opened its doors to the first cohort of students in fall 2020. "Wizipan" comes from the Lakota phrase Wachante Hecha Wizipan, which implies "the Heart of Everything that Is," but Wizipan on its own, according to the Lakota leader Albert White Hat, references the Black Hills as a container of all resources; any person that goes into the Black Hills starving can be nourished, both physically and spiritually. The academic experience is focused on the interrelatedness of Care of Self, Care of Community, Care of Environment, and Care of Culture. During the study abroad-structured semester offered at Crazy Horse Memorial's Indian University of North America, students enroll in 15-credit hours of college courses studying natural resource management, global food systems, leadership, and Native American studies, and they will complete a research project throughout the semester. Successful completion of the program culminates in a Certificate in Leadership and Sustainabilty from South Dakota State University. Native students throughout the United States may apply. The Wizipan 2023 Program will begin Friday, September 1, 2024 and extend through December 13, 2024. Through the generosity of the Memorial's supporters, Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation will be able to fund 100% of the students' tuition, food, and lodging expenses. Acceptance to this unique and impactful program is surely an honor. This program is made possible through a partnership between South Dakota State University and Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation.

Students who begin or continue their college careers in the summer and fall programs of The Indian University of North America® of Crazy Horse Memorial® learn how to dream big and set goals worthy of their highest potential. Students learn how to navigate college while completing a semester of college in a worldly setting unlike any other.