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Learning and Work Go Rope-in-Hand Article

December 22, 2014

Mountain Crew members are required to regularly attend training sessions on safety practices and procedures, equipment operation and application. Some sessions are combined with other Crazy Horse staff who also need to be kept up-to-date on such areas as First Aid, CPR, or proper use of personal protective equipment. The more unique training topics include rope access methods and equipment, as well as emergency response and rescue on the Mountain.

This past summer, Crazy Horse conducted onsite refresher training covering a variety of rope access methods, equipment and related work activities. The first day included rappelling and scaling (removing loose rock on a near vertical surface using hand tools such as crowbars) on the back side of Crazy Horse’s head.

As more effort is shifted to detail carving of the hand of Crazy Horse, the Crew will be required to do an increasing amount of this kind of rope access work. Along with rappelling and scaling, the Crew attended sessions concerning some new equipment and methods.

Additionally, as part of the strictly enforced safety regimen on the Mountain, the Crew reviewed and practiced rescue scenarios where a person on ropes becomes incapacitated and the Crew must safely transfer the victim into a rescue litter and onto the ground. Throughout the course of two days, Crew members alternated and completed different types of rescues; also, switching roles providing the victims and rescuers to be able to gain the best experience.

Learning and Work Go Rope-in-Hand