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Native artists, performers, and culture bearers share their knowledge and skill with visitors

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Upcoming Special Events

Culinary Collections exhibit from The Indian Museum of North America® at Crazy Horse Memorial® will share highlights from our collections of Northeastern Woodlands area tribes, starting January 1st, 2021. From the flag of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation flag to Ojibwe birch baskets, and an Iroquois Nation drum dedicated to Korczak and Ruth Ziolkowski, this exhibit is featured along with an amazing special dish served at our Laughing Water Restaurant®, inspired by the food of the Northeastern Woodland ecoregion. Don’t miss the next special Culinary Collections exhibit at The Indian Museum of North America®, and follow us on social media for more info about our events at Crazy Horse Memoria®l all winter long.

Native Americans' Day 2021

Monday, October 11th @ 10:00 AM
Celebration of Native Americans' Day 2021,  we will have a program filled with song, dance, speakers, and award the Educator of the Year. This will mark the end of our  2021 season. Don't miss this special day,  This day is always one to celebrate!