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Crazy Horse Memorial Bigger Than Mount Rushmore

Work began on the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota in 1948. Those working on it now say they'll be gone before it's finished. Source: CNN Added on 2:59 PM ET, Thu January 8, 2015

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CNN Bigger Than Mount Rushmore Video

Crazy Horse Memorial-STILL not done?

September 3, 2011, 2:39 PM|The recent completion of the MLK memorial reminded us of this 1977 profile of sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski and his life's work, carving a mountain into a sculpture to honor Native American CBS NEWS

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Crazy Horse Memorial Video

Five Against the Mountain

“Crazy Horse” documents the devotion they give each day in pursuit of perfection. It’s the story of five men against the mountain.The Crazy Horse monument is a task which will surpass the team’s lifetime. Like all well-crafted achievements, it will not only live on as a tribute to those it represents, but as a tribute to the perseverance of those who built it.

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Red Wings Five Against the Mountain Video

Crazy Horse Memorial Carved into Mountain

In South Dakota's Black Hills, a mountain foreman named Cas Ziolkowski can finally see his family's dream taking shape. It's the most mammoth mountain sculpture in the world in both size and scale, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann . An outsized replica of a statue of Crazy Horse, the Lakota Indian chief who wiped out Custer's men at Little Big Horn. CBS News

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CBS Carved Into Mountain Video

Ancient Impossible: Monster Monuments

We look at a monster monument being built right now crazy horse monument, South Dakota. This sculpture is just mind blowingly big. It is the whole mountain. The statue of this great Native American hero on horseback will be 563 feet high when completed. Just the horse's nostril alone will be big enough to hold ten full size cars

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Ancient Impossible Monster Monuments Video

New Collegiate Program Is Science-Based & Founded on Lakota Philosophy

A new program launched by South Dakota State University in partnership with the Indian University of North America focuses on ecosystem sustainability from a Lakota perspective.

For the 10 percent of South Dakotans who are tribal members, the Black Hills are much more than an outdoor recreation hotspot. The Black Hills are where their origin story begins.

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