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The Mountain

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Crazy Horse Memorial® is located in the heart of the beautiful Black Hills. The elevation on the Mountain is 6,532 feet above sea level and ranks 27th highest mountain in South Dakota. It is made of pegmatite granite and was chosen by Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski & Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear for the Crazy Horse Memorial®.

The Mission of Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation is to protect and preserve the culture, tradition and living heritage of the North American Indians. The Foundation demonstrates its commitment to this endeavor by following these objectives:

Mountain view

Mountain Dimensions

Planned Mountain Dimensions - geology of rock could be responsible for adjustments.

Entire Carving

641 feet long and 563 feet high


Photos of Mountain Progress Through the Years Below

Crazy Horse Dimensions

Crazy Horse's Face
87 feet, 6 inches (completed June 3, 1998)

Outstretched Arm
263 feet

Opening under arm
70 feet wide and 100 feet high

29 feet, 6 inches

Horse Dimensions

Horse's Head
219 feet high (22 stories)

Horse's Mane
62 feet high

Horse's Ears
54 feet long

Horse's Eyes
20 feet wide and 15 feet high

Horse's Nostrils
26 foot diameter

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