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Executive Management Team

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The senior leadership team of Crazy Horse Memorial® is called the Executive Management Team, which is comprised of a Chief Executive Officer, daughter of Korczak and Ruth Ziolkowski and a non-family President and Chief Operating Officer.


 Monique Ziolkowski

   Chief Executive Officer

Monique Ziolkowski

The Chief Executive Officer of Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation serves as member of the Executive Management Team ensuring that the overall operations of the Memorial are conducted in keeping with the direction set by the Board of Directors.  The CEO oversees Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation and specifically, Media and Marketing, Mountain Carving Operations, Construction and Maintenance, Facilities, Sales, Special Events, the Campground, and Security.  She also serves in the critical role of Museum liaison for the Museums of the Memorial. 

Monique carries the responsibility of being the main spokesperson for the Memorial and she is intricately involved in development and public relations. Her institutional knowledge, combined with her dedication and passion for furthering the mission and vision of the Memorial’s founders, is a key ingredient in the continued success of Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation.

Monique is the ninth child of Korczak and Ruth Ziolkowski; she is an artist in her own right. Largely self-taught like her father, she has studied art in Boston, Italy, and New York.  Her sculptures have been publicly displayed in a number of different venues.  Monique oversees the reproduction of her father’s sculptures in bronze and resin models.

Monique Ziolkowski oversaw the creation of the larger-than-life Fighting Stallions Memorial located on the South Dakota State Capitol grounds in Pierre, South Dakota.  Based on Korczak’s 18-inch mahogany original, the Fighting Stallions Memorial pays tribute to the late South Dakota Governor George S. Mickelson and seven other South Dakotans who died in a plane crash in 1993.

Monique has significant business and marketing experience.  Her contributions to Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation have spanned her entire life.

 Laurie Becvar, Ed.D, M.A.

   President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Laurie Becvar

The President and Chief Operating Officer of Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation serves as a member of the Executive Management Team ensuring that the overall operations of the Memorial are conducted in keeping with the direction set by the Board of Directors.  The President/COO supervises visitor services, central office operations, legal affairs, human resources, risk management, information technology services, The Indian University of North America®, The Indian Museum of North America® and other Museums affiliated with the Memorial, cultural affairs, finance and accounting, and development.

Prior to her role with the Memorial, Dr. Becvar served as the Chief Academic Officer at two private, nonprofit colleges and as the Dean of the Graduate School, Dean of the Division of Continuing and Distance Education, and as the Senior Associate Provost at the University of South Dakota.  Her professional background also includes service as Director of the Business and Industry Institute for Butler County Community College in Kansas.  Her work with Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation began in 2008 when she worked with CEO Ruth Ziolkowski and the Board of Directors in planning the commencement of The Indian University of North America®.  She joined the Memorial full-time as President/COO in 2013.  The Indian University of North America® has since expanded to include both summer and fall academic programs in partnership with the University of South Dakota and South Dakota State University.

Becvar has over three decades of experience in higher education and nonprofit administration, many years at the senior, executive level.  Her strengths lie in developing innovative programming, combining business acumen with higher education, managing change, creating effective and efficient organizational operations, and in strategic planning.  She holds doctorate and master’s degrees in higher education administration and leadership from the University of South Dakota and a bachelor’s degree from Wichita State University.

Her contributions to higher education and community include service on boards and committees, professional presentations, and providing consulting services to colleges and universities.  Becvar and her husband have owned numerous small businesses and have been involved in farming and ranching.