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THE NATIVE AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL CENTER® provides a number of unique educational opportunities geared to enhance the visitors' experience at Crazy Horse Memorial. One-of-a-kind pieces from the Collections of THE INDIAN MUSEUM OF NORTH AMERICA® are exhibited, while the Native American Artists in Residence are showcased, and other special activities and programs are featured. The distinctive stone building was completed in 1996 and built with rock blasted from the Crazy Horse Mountain Carving.

The Center hosts and encourages many hands-on activities with staff and features many different Native Artists providing instruction in American Indian history and culture. Native artists from throughout North America spend much of the summer here with us at Crazy Horse to share their creativity, create new works, and interact with visitors. Many of the artists sell their work on-site and provide a valuable cultural exchange that adds to the immersive experience for all our guests.

The lower level houses a display of a large collection of Edward Curtis photogravure prints of the American West and the Native American peoples, taken around the end of the 19th century. This extraordinary collection of historic and culturally significant images was donated by Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation board member William Turner and family of Florida.

One wall of the lower level of the Cultural Center is a natural granite and quartz ridge housing the Exhibit of the American Bison. The story begins with the history of the bison in North America from its prehistoric origins, to its near extinction. The exhibit presents the exploits of western figures who helped save the remaining bison at the end of the 1800s, to the cultural significance of the buffalo to tribes across the country.

Don't miss these beautiful exhibits when visiting THE NATIVE AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL CENTER® at Crazy Horse Memorial®.