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Crazy Horse Memorial Seeks Director of Programs for the Indian University of North America® Article

September 25, 2020

Crazy Horse Memorial Seeks Director of Programs for The Indian University of North America
CRAZY HORSE, S.D. (Sept. 25, 2020) - The Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation announced today that it is seeking a new director of programs for its Indian University of North America. Dr. John Little, the current director, and wife Megan Red Shirt Shaw, the university's associate director of enrollment management, have decided to pursue other adventures in 2021.
Little's last day with the university is Dec. 15. He will continue to lead the university and teach in the Wizipan Leadership and Sustainability Program, held in partnership with South Dakota State University, through the fall semester.
"I am thankful 1 had this opportunity to serve as the director of The Indian University of North America these last three summers," Little said. "Since 2015, the university has given me the opportunity to work with more than 160 Native students as the director and previously as residential staff. I am forever grateful to be a part of creating the future leaders oflndian Country."
"John and Megan achieved so much during their time with us," said Dr. Laurie Becvar, Crazy Horse Memorial's president and chief operating officer. "Some of the highlights include developing and offering the Wizipan program in partnership with SDSU, strengthening student success coaching, enhancing the recognition and reputation of the Indian University of North America and its academic programs, offering the College Fair, advancing the university's marketing and recruitment efforts, and fostering relationships with numerous higher education organizations and professionals, as well as with Native nations. Their positive impact on the university and our students has been significant, and they will be missed."
A nationwide search for a new full-time director of programs for The Indian University of North America is now under way to ensure a seamless leadership transition in this critical academic, administrative, and student-affairs role.
"We are looking for the right professional to join our leadership team and further develop The Indian University of North America," Becvar said. "Together, we are dedicated to improving the college persistence and college graduation rates for Native American students while also promoting their academic and personal growth."
The Indian University of North America's director of programs is responsible for effectively implementing the Memoranda of Agreements established with higher education partners. This professional oversees the effective and responsible delivery of university programs; he or she also develops, oversees, and delivers the recruitment and retention activities required for all programs, and develops and delivers powerful student support initiatives to foster program participants' college persistence and college graduation.
In addition, the director of programs for The Indian University of North America is among the faculty as appointed by partner universities. He or she will be responsible for teaching appropriate classes. For the position announcement and how to apply, visit

Crazy Horse Memorial Seeks Director of Programs for the Indian University of North America®