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Crazy Horse Memorial® Supports Local Native American-Owned HeSapa Enterprises Article

September 26, 2021

In what is rapidly becoming a holiday tradition, locally-owned Native American business HeSapa Enterprises, has created the exclusive Crazy Horse Memorial® holiday ornaments. HeSapa Enterprises works closely with Korczak’s Heritage, Inc., which operates the Crazy Horse Memorial® gift shop. HeSapa has made hundreds of laser-engraved ornaments for Crazy Horse Memorial® annual holiday fundraising efforts for over four years.

                The ornament contains both granite cuttings from the Mountain and a piece of diamond saw wire used to help carve the Sculpture. The word “Vision” is then laser-engraved on the decoration by the textile shop.

                HeSapa Enterprises is a Native American-owned and operated business based in Rapid City, SD. The company was founded in 2015 by Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal members Walter “Walt” Swan Jr. and his two sons, CFO Stephen Swan and COO Zane Swan. Starting with only a single laser engraver, the business quickly grew to include screen printing, embroidery, custom knitting, carving and sublimation. One of the main reasons for starting their business was to focus on accurately portraying their Native American culture and language – the company adds a unique look to items by incorporating Native American elements, paying homage to their roots. HeSapa works with local Native American reservation schools and programs, providing them with unique products representing their culture. (Photo L-R Stephen Swan, Walt Swan, Jr., and Zane Swan of HeSapa Enterprises)

Crazy Horse Memorial® Supports Local Native American-Owned HeSapa Enterprises