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GIT HOAN Dancers (People of the Salmon) return to Crazy Horse Memorial® Article

January 08, 2023

Git Hoan Dancers (People of the Salmon) will return to Crazy Horse Memorial® on January 28, 2023, for a one-time performance at 4:00pm in the Welcome Center Theater. Seating is limited, so please arrive early!

Git Hoan Dancers showcase the magnificence of Tsimishian art, and the practice of their traditions of dance and storytelling in order to educate their audience that Indigenous culture is living and thriving. The Tsimishian peoples are an Indigenous tribe of the Pacific Northwest Coast, whose clan communities mostly come from today’s coastal British Columbia. Utilizing intricate hand carved masks, along with traditional dances and songs, Git Hoan presents a family friendly show that everyone will enjoy.

Crazy Horse Memorial® protects and preserves the culture, tradition, and living heritage of all Indigenous North American cultures, and groups like Git Hoan Dancers encapsulate this mission while promoting education that encourages harmony and reconciliation among all peoples.

Educators and performance groups like Git Hoan regularly showcase their talents at Crazy Horse Memorial® throughout the year, especially during the summer months. All programming is included with admission to the Memorial.

For more information about Git Hoan Dancers and many other Cultural Programs offered at Crazy Horse Memorial®, please visit, or follow The Indian Museum of North America® on all social media platforms. You can also contact our Cultural Programs Manager, Travis Dewes, at 605- 673-4681 or email

GIT HOAN Dancers (People of the Salmon) return to Crazy Horse Memorial®