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Mountain Update October 17, 2016 Article

October 17, 2016

This #MountainMonday is the first in our Meet the Crew Series in which every few weeks we would like to introduce you to a Member of the Crazy Horse Mountain Crew. We welcome you to read on and learn more about Mountain Crew Member Jeff H.

Jeff began his work at Crazy Horse while Korczak was still carving the Mountain, 37 years ago. “The first day Korczak literally took me out on the arm in his blue pickup and told me his Dream.” Jeff said speaking fondly of his conversations with Korczak.

Jeff works on the Mountain, proficient with all of the equipment and processes from driving heavy machinery to blasting to rope techniques and safety. “I love coming to work” Jeff explains his statement as he describes peace and serenity in the actual transit to his “office” before the equipment is started, when the wind tends to be calm, and wildlife can be seen. He also enjoys the people that he works with at Crazy Horse stating “The people that are here make you walk a little bit taller too, because there are great people here.”

On a more technical level, Jeff finds enjoyment in the fact that his job combines art and science, such as the art of carving a Mountain with the science of blasting.
Growing up in Illinois, the phrase “Go West, young man” defined Jeff at a young age as he always wanted to make his home there. Driven by that desire, destiny brought him to Crazy Horse. “It just fits me” he said. Jeff encourages people to put the Black Hills on their bucket list - not only as a gateway to the West, but as a destination, with Crazy Horse being a highlight of the visit.

In his time away from work, Jeff is active and enjoys the outdoors taking part in skiing, camping, mountain biking and more. Never tiring of the Black Hills he makes the most of the beauty and recreation available to him here. Jeff also enjoys traveling to see new things as well as visiting family.

“I could go on, and on, and on” he said while speaking of his history at Crazy Horse Memorial. It comes as no surprise he has many great stories considering he has been part of the Carving Crew through many phases of the sculpture in progress, including completion of Crazy Horse’s Face. 
We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Jeff, a dedicated Carver and longtime Member of the Crazy Horse Mountain Crew.

Mountain Update October 17, 2016