The Memorial’s hours today are 8:00 to 1/2 hour after the start of the Laser Light Show. Laser Light Show starts at 9:30 pm.


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The Indian University of North America® began in 2010 with the 7TH GEN® Summer Program, and has since added the Wizipan Fall Program which commenced in Fall 2020.

Students who begin or continue their college careers in the summer and fall programs of The Indian University of North America® of Crazy Horse Memorial® learn how to dream big and set goals worthy of their highest potential. Students learn how to navigate college while completing a semester of college in a worldly setting unlike any other.

7TH GEN.® Summer Program

The 7TH GEN.® Summer Program is a partnership between The Indian University of North America® of Crazy Horse Memorial and institutions of higher learning.

Program Information

Wizipan Fall Leadership and Sustainability Program

The Wizipan 2023 Program dates will be  announced soon.

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Scholarship Assistance for Higher Education

The Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation Scholarship Fund began in 1978 with a single $250 award. Memorial founder Korczak Ziolkowski called it a “modest effort now toward the future, long-range educational goals of Crazy Horse.”

Since that first scholarship was awarded, The Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, has been making a difference in the lives of American Indian students striving to meet their education goals. Through revenue generated by visitors’ admissions to Crazy Horse Memorial® and through the generous donations from thousands of friends and supporters, American Indian and non-Indian alike, the scholarship program has experienced tremendous growth since its inception. To date, the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation has awarded over $2 million dollars in scholarships.

Scholarship applicants must be American Indian students who plan to attend, or are attending, tribal or state colleges, universities, nursing schools or vocational-technical schools in South Dakota and the region.

Scholarship funds are distributed to qualifying schools. Interested students should contact the financial aid office at their institution of higher learning for more information and scholarship application forms.