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Tribal Flag Collection

Crazy Horse Memorial began its collection of tribal flags in 1982. The first tribal nation flag was presented to Ruth Ziolkowski by Oglala Sioux Tribe representatives, following the death of Korczak. The colorful flags in the collection shown on this page have been donated by tribes or tribal members, and many have been presented at tribal sites.

Receiving a tribal flag is one of the highest honors bestowed by Native Americans. Currently, the Crazy Horse collection proudly features more than 125 flags. The beautiful and distinctive flags are exhibited throughout the Crazy Horse complex as another means of increasing public awareness of the wide diversity and individuality of Native American tribal heritage and living cultures. The collection is not complete, and donations are welcomed from tribes not yet represented. As it continues to grow, the collection plays a significant role, reminding visitors that the Memorial represents all tribes, each of which is distinctive.

Tribal representatives and interested donors may contact the Museum's Collection Manager at (605) 673-4681, for more information on how and where to donate their tribal flag to this exhibit.